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Kentavious Moffett




Kentaivious is 9yrs old recently got skipped to the 4th grade, he does online schooling. He has been playing football since he was 4yrs old has played up levels, all star teams made it to Nationals twice. Been undefeated worth his team since beginning, won tournaments and now does modeling and acting. His idle is OBJ and Bully Bill. He plays wr rb corner and safety. One of the fastest on his team he has no fear in his heart will go up against bigger kids and puts his mind to whatever he tries.


Outside of football his hobbies are playing madden or watching football and enhancing his skills. He's constantly being trained.

Post-Secondary Goals:

He wants to be a NFL player when he grows up and a business manager.

Social Media:

Instagram: @kingtaytay29

Kentavious Moffett
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